Sunday, April 3, 2016

In the News: State bee protection falls short, college financing options reviewed

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

Many Massachusetts beekeepers say a new state plan to protect pollinating insects falls short when it comes to reducing the use of pesticides. 
“The biggest problem I have is when the state plan talks about pesticide application by farmers and by landowners, there are suggestions, and they are encouraged to do certain things,” said Franklin beekeeper Ed Szymanski, president of the Norfolk County Beekeepers Association. “I think it needs to be stronger than that.”

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"True or false? Student loans are a type of financial aid for college. 
The answer is true. You may have thought false, but this misunderstanding of what constitutes financial aid is very common. Many people believe that financial aid is free money for college, but it’s not all free. Loans from the federal government are a part of financial aid, and, as with any loan, they must be paid back with interest. 
So why would this interest you if you have a student getting ready for college? For high school seniors and their parents, understanding the ins and outs of financial aid is very important, as it will help as you put together your plan to pay for college. And planning is key during this season in order to reduce stress and prepare your family well for what’s ahead."

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