Sunday, April 3, 2016

"if you need help, you’ll get help,”

"For two nights a month, at East Bridgewater’s Community Covenant Church, Shawn Salisbury is an "angel." 
Salisbury – a member of a group dedicated to combating the substance abuse epidemic that has swept Massachusetts – spends those nights shepherding addicts seeking treatment and families seeking answers through the group’s “drop-in,” multi-purpose treatment center. He is a “recovery angel,” in recovery from addiction himself, and his task is to help bring together services once scattered and confusing into a navigable path to health. 
"My role is, if someone’s coming in with a problem, to get them into further treatment," he said. 
It is this model - putting substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, treatment centers, legal advice and support groups under one roof - that members of Milford and Franklin anti-opioid groups hope to bring to their respective towns, starting this month. It represents a change in the way the drug abuse problem is treated in response to the new crisis."

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