Friday, April 8, 2016

MassBudget: Confused about charter school funding?

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By most measures, Massachusetts schools are the best in the nation. We have a long way to go, however, to make sure that we provide every child with a great public education. MassBudget's research has examined a number of strategies that can contribute to progress towards that goal. And when our public schools give all children the opportunity to reach their full potential, it's not only good for our economy, but also for our democracy and our communities. As John Adams wrote in our constitution, our "rights and liberties" depend on "(w)isdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, [being] diffused generally among the body of the people."

With so much focus in education policy debates on charter schools, our new fact sheet Charter School Funding, Explained provides a clear explanation of the facts surrounding the school finance elements of this contentious issue. The explainer provides detail on:
  • Charter school tuition calculations
  • Issues with funding for special education students
  • Charter school reimbursements for sending districts
  • The cost of underfunding reimbursements in recent years
  • Transportation funding
  • Recent proposals for changing some of these mechanisms
To read the report, click HERE
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The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget) produces policy research, analysis, and data-driven recommendations focused on improving the lives of low- and middle-income children and adults, strengthening our state's economy, and enhancing the quality of life in Massachusetts.

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