Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Real time reporting: 2nd Search Firm - ECRA Group

2. Guests/Presentations
a. Superintendent’s Search Process – Presentations 

  1. NESDEC - Dr. Art Bettencourt (covered earlier in meeting)
  2. MASC- Jim Hardy (not yet present)
  3. ECRA Group – John Connolly
high emotional intelligence is a key to leadership
3 times I tried to make a left turn and all three times I was waived on
a quality of culture of the community

was superintendent in NY and TX
his joy and career has been matching good choices and good people
my track record is good, close to 60 searches
Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Lexington and others

my greatest skill is recruiting people
the difference between an applicant and the candidate
the applicant is one who applies, the candidate is one who wants the job

superintendent in Lexington
had a good candidate lined up, took five phone calls before she became one of the five final list and she was selected and still there today

document delivered with proposal to committee

the firm did over 1,000 searches nationally

anytime I do a search, a piece of me stays within the district
I work for you as the School COmmittee
I have equal obligation to the people I recruit

planning meeting, criteria development
focus groups, groups teachers, business people

  1. what is the strengths of the district
  2. what is the area of concern for the district
  3. what are the major characteristics of the new superintendent

I talked about emotional development, I did a search in Virginia Beach and the district has had me back for several summers to do seminars

courage, the ability to make tough decisions

there are two types of ego, one is the personal ego, the other is the one who basks in the success of the group

leadership profile report a critical component
from the report, what are the priorities, those are my marching orders

there are a hundred people in y group, we use our network
employ a national network, you need the opportunity to draw from outside

90% are still in their position after 5 years

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