Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Real time Reporting: School Committee - Aug 23, 2016

Present: Bilello, Scofield, Bergen, Douglas, O'Malley, Schultz, Jewel
Absent: none

1. Routine Business
Citizen’s Comments

  • none

Review of Agenda

Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the August 9, 2016 School Committee Meeting.

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

Payment of Bills Dr. O’Malley
Payroll Mrs. Douglas

  • None

2. Guests/Presentations
a. Superintendent’s Search Process – Presentations 

  1. NESDEC - Dr. Art Bettencourt, Executive Director
The New England School Development Council   http://www.nesdec.org/

based in New ENgland but capable of searching nationally
will search to fulfill the needs of the committee/community

will work to develop a 'leadership' profile of what the needs should be based upon the input from all the stakeholders

do not recirculate candidates from one search to another, all targeted marketing and searches

New England based firm with national recognition
school districts vary culturally

Dr Carolyn Burke, Dr Sally Diaz

understanding that there is a sharing between the municipal side and schools
have had stability in the leadership area

What do candidates want? There are three things in particular
  1. want a school committee that they can work with
  2. quality of life, schools and resources for family
  3. salary considerations

Q - how do you go about learning about us?
a great deal of talking with the teachers, staff and community via focus groups, surveys, etc.
what are the strengths, the weaknesses, what is the culture of the community

Q - how do you help us abide by the screening process rules?
we have had success working in all the communities
we have not had any issues, working with the open meeting law is part of our normal course of business

ask the constituent groups to nominate a representative of the group
it shows trust in their judgment, not always done that way

we will walk you through the entire process
we know the law, we have done the searches, we will work closely with you

6 focus groups usually fills the bill
we will also do individual stakeholders: town administrators, police chief, planners, etc. 

the timeline for the search takes about 120 days
electronic advertising, special bulletin placements also available
timing of the focus groups, mixed or single
how your going to put together the screening committee
the application process, and invitations for recommendations

how do you want to handle the candidates, individual visits, phone screens, a mix of them
this is your search, we will guide you
want to design the search that is based upon your standards

NESDEC uses their network, leveraging their individual connections, who would be a good fit for the opportunity, would also use LinkedIn, it is becoming more of a resource for educational searches

there is a warranty
1 - we are with you until a choice is made
2 - if your superintendent leaves for any other reason, we would come in to do it again for no consulting fee (just expenses)

Q - on the 'regional' candidates
some states have very different budgetary process, have had successful candidates from NY, NJ, Florida and Ohio. You need to look carefully at those candidates, it may not be the location but the operation may be alike. Folks from New England may be looking to return.

we are seeing principals moving to superintendents spots

this is the first of three presentations
there are two more coming before making a vote to choice one to go forward with

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