Sunday, September 4, 2016

Black Knot Disease at Dacey Field

"In August 2016, Conservation Commission staff discovered Black Knot Tree Disease on various Black Cherry trees at Dacey Field. The most impacted areas consist of dense Eastern White Pine stands with Black Cherry trees mixed in. 
The ‘Nature Walk’ section of Dacey has many infected trees. Black Knot is a disease caused by fungal parasite, Trichothecium roseum, and leaves charcoal-like lumps on branches and twigs of trees, especially trees in the Prunus family. 
The disease can bring leaf wilt and also death of leaves, twigs, branches, and even the entire tree. Winter management efforts include pruning and sanitation of trees that have not been heavily impacted. The infected branches and twigs should be burned, buried, or removed from the site eliminate the spread of the disease. 
Fungicides have been used successfully in severely impacted areas. It is recommended that an experienced arborist explore Dacey to determine how severely the disease has spread throughout the forest before management efforts are made. From a quick run through, more than half the Black Cherry trees observed were infected."

black knot disease photo from American Phytopathological Society
black knot disease photo from American Phytopathological Society


  • This information was shared from the Town of Franklin page

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