Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Live reporting: School Dude and Charter discussion

• Preventive Maintenance
Josh from School Dude
most of the Hockomock league is covered
simple work order system and expanded
cool technology to control temp for example in a building especially effective for events

preventive maintenance
executive summary report sample provided
will populate the data against the national averages
only thing wrong in this building is one light bulb in this room
you are doing something right

getting the actual tasks into the system is a challenge
schools and towns are underfunded

can you put the schedule in for 2 schools
if you don't capture the data, you don't really know how much it really will take
expand from the 2 pilot buildings to all
what do you need to look forward to over the next 5, 10, 15 years
the software does this

did about 56 projects with this company to do the facility assessments year to date

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" report to be provided

integrated with Grainger to populate the work order system automatically

Marko has spoken with the principals at both Kennedy and Davis Thayer to make them aware of the program

"just dude it" teachers can enter work orders

Mercer - big proponent of School Dude watching it as it developed
this is a great product, taking pieces at a time to fulfill a great need

"you got your first price increase in 12 years"

• Charter Review

Jim Dacey chair of the 1995 Charter Commission
originally a council with a split of councilors at large and by precinct
the size of the council was the driver at the time as the council was projected to continue to grow
mayor discussion was a minute or 2 as the primary focus was the size of the Council
brought the election to November with the city form of government
first nine member council in 1995

Paul Cheli, Larry Benedetto
co-chairs of the Charter Commission
fear of loss of institutional knowledge with all getting turned over at a single election only two had occurred in history; there has not been an issue since 2009; did focus on the treasurer-collector and on the minority report focused on the town clerk
staggered terms is extremely difficult to implement
was able to move the treasurer-collector to an appointed position

there wasn't a lot broken, what seemed to have been an issue turned out to not be. if there are interaction changes with the Town Administrator those can be done via other means, not necessary for the Charter

Larry Benedetto
not a proponent of mayor, a concern with the change in a mayor would cause some intellectual knowledge lost as department heads would change
sense of TA being too powerful, actually not so powerful
the lesser positions are and should be within the purview of the TA
Council as a legislative body should not be part of the interview process of specific positions 
I will never do it again, it was that much work

only one left from the minority report at that time
TA was not a concern
i am interested in what is being looked at to change

TA has his team, if you do go to a mayor, they he/she will want their team
I don't think we need a mayor

I don't want to abandon the idea of a mayor
everyone works together, what was your final verdict on appointed boards vs elected

can get people trained and with background not just a popularity contest
the open meetings were sometime contentious as there are many opinions

the Planning Board has shifted from elected to appointed to elected
there should be joint meetings between the Council and Planning board
that is germane to keeping the train on the track
work together with the existing orgs and get people to run

if it ain't broke, don't fix it
we can do more with better communication than by changing the doc
we like to keep things within the Town, we don't have enough input on that and we'd like to keep things focused on the Town of Franklin

we would like to have that input but to cross over that line it becomes politicized
the most qualified is really what we need

we as the Council get the phone calls and we know nothing about them
why couldn't there be a simple way to have some councilors on the committee'
it is not a major big thing, we just need a little input
we never know what it is going on until after it happens

the worst part of the job is to do the hard part and hire and fire someone

I think there is a compromise on that, it is not a charter change

I am a proponent of it is isn't broken don't fix it
Councilor Jones put it eloquently, improving the communication, more and better would solve the whole problem

difference between CEO as chief elected officer or chief executive officer

there are different forms of government, strong form of TA/Mayor

the council doesn't want to get into the hiring process
exempt vs. non-exempt

there are probably 50 or more
where do you cut that off

I do not interview anyone with in the departments
I only do that for the people that you ratify
I don't get involved in what you are talking about
that is up to the respective department heads

the institutional knowledge doesn't get lost with the Council
it stays with the people actually working for the town

if we were to move to a mayor we would also have to find about $175K in the budget

I don't want this or any council to be a wasted resource
I just would like to know what is going on in the halls

it is extremely important to know and understand your role as a legislative body you are immune from personal liability, when you start performing other functions, you lose that liability

you don't give yourself enough credit given the fiscal constraints we have
is it perfect, we are doing the library, we are doing the Senior Center

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