Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rotary Youth Leadership recognition for high school sophomores

One of the greatest activities of Rotary District 7910 is Rotary Youth Leadership which is a weekend at a local college campus for High School sophomore students that have demonstrated leadership potential and wish specialized experiences in team building to achieve assigned functions (one of the perennial favorite projects is building a functional bridge out of nothing but newspaper pages) as a team of individuals who have never worked together--or even met before. 

This year Franklin Rotary was proud of the six students (double our usual attendees). The students were then invited to a Rotary meeting on a Thursday evening at 6 o'clock at 3's Restaurant for dinner and to speak about their experiences. The optimism in their presentations confirmed that we had sent excellent candidates!

Shown in the photo are Jonathan Creonte, Alexa Katsaros, Laetitia Pierre-Louis, Rotarian president Ted Katsaros. Unable to be present in the photo were Meredith Gendreau, Nick Assad, and Brendan Ryan.
Shown in the photo are Jonathan Creonte, Alexa Katsaros, Laetitia Pierre-Louis, Rotarian president Ted Katsaros. Unable to be present in the photo were Meredith Gendreau, Nick Assad, and Brendan Ryan.

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