Friday, September 9, 2016

FHS Football players to watch

With the return to school, the fall sports season resumes and Hockomock Sports has posted their Hockomock League players to watch for the football on offence and defense. 

The FHS football team opens the season with a game tonight at Franklin against Stoughton. The game starts at 7:00 PM. The game will be the first for the new football coach Eian Bain.

JAKE LYONS, SENIOR – FRANKLIN football defense

A lot of safeties at the high school level are one dimensional but Lyons has shown he can help defenses in a variety of ways. He has impressed in pass coverage with his ability to read the play as it’s happening and make a play on either the ball or the receiver after the catch. If it’s a run play, he’s quick to react and attack the ball carrier, typically making a play. In one on one situations, Lyons is patient and doesn’t over pursue, and sizes up the play he needs to make. On passing plays, he can quickly read it and either knock the ball down or come away with an interception. Lyons should be a vital part of Franklin’s defense as they work towards getting back to the playoffs.

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers


Franklin’s offense struggled to score points a season ago but Jake Wolowacki made the most of his opportunities when he was out there. The shifty back is hard to tackle on the first attempt and has shown the ability to break through contact. He can get around the edge on the outside and use his speed to get up field. He has a good first step that freezes defenders and allows him to find space and use his speed to get through the gaps up the middle. Last season, Wolowacki showed up his versatility by throwing for a pair of touchdowns as well so defenses will have to respect that. He can also catch passes out in the flats and get up field in a hurry.

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