Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Real time reporting: superintendent search decision

picking up end of the discussion on the FHS School Improvement Plan 

(2 minute break)

3. Discussion Only Items 
Superintendent Search Discussion/Decision 

pick one of the three groups, do it themselves, or go out again for more choices
effectively five choices

confidentiality of the search committee is key
"we can go with someone else but they will still be there for us"

there is a difference in cost and focus on how a search goes but there are more similarities across the three

"others stood out stronger to me" depth of this presentation was not as strong as others


The report they prepare is so thorough, we can use that for several years
I looked at what the local knowledge brought and the background checks were so important
there are so many folks looking for superintendent, we need to be efficient, we need to be prepared to help the candidate
they will do the preparations and make the short list to handle the confidentiality

the most important thing we do is what we are about to do, bring a new superintendent

they spoke to the skills needed for the 21st century leader

Jewel = "I can not see 11 residents of Franklin keeping their mouths shut"
Your always looking for people who already have a job and are a good fit
this is the only group to pull that person to put in the application

I think this group might not be able to reach out to the stakeholders as well as some of the others

he was the only one who talked of interviewing each of us

sense that folks coming forward would be coming because there is an agenda they espouse as opposed to working for the 'commonwealth'

good reviews, largest volume of business
concern about who would be the consultant to work with 

Lisa Trainor
you are the driver, this person is going to be your face in the focus groups, etc.
you need good info
I personally preferred ECRA/HYA
what i like about Mr Connolly was about the personal nature of hiring
"are you vested in Franklin, they are going to be vested in you"
that personal piece is an important piece
there shouldn't be a lot of surprises in the profile that comes out
the fact that they (NESDEC) didn't put a focus on that (confidentiality) is a concern

Bilello - HYA
Scofield - MASC
Bergen - HYA
Douglas - HYA
O'Malley - HYA
Schultz - HYA
Jewel - HYA

phone calls to be made to set up a meeting and a contract

Note- prior meeting notes referred to HYA as ECRA...

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