Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Real time reporting: Superintendent Search - MASC

2. Guests/Presentations
a. MASC Superintendent Search - Jim Hardy 

technology reason, not glamourous for missing last meeting
he had added to his calendar but for 2017, not 2016

looks to help identify the skill set being looked for
survey and focus groups used to solicit input from the various stakeholder groups
utilize national in kind advertising through membership in national organizations they do use mailing to help attract some candidates; mailed to all superintendents in New England
recommendations on the charge from the School Committee to the search committee
size of the search committee, 11-13
number of candidates to bring for decision, no less than 3, no more than 5
once candidates get to the School Committee, the applications are public records
timeline backs of from the desired start date
interview with candidate, public portion, 
his job is to ensure a fair and equitable process
at the end of the day, it is nice to know that everyone is behind the choice
the optimum outcome is that it is a real hard choice among three great candidates
model contracts available, legal advice is available
the range has already been announced, so most of the negotiation would be around the fringe benefits

Dorothy Presser would be the key as this is her region but it is your choice

we work for you, if you want me, I would still have folks help each other out

Q - are you advising that we have a search committee?
A - if you have a number of stakeholders then they have a vested interest in the selection. (2) the only other reason is that you can get a preliminary interview without public knowledge of the candidates.

only 2 searches done by consultant at a time, there is a process to keep things separate. searches are specific to the district

need to be careful to not let the hiring guidelines become skewed due to a 'issue of the day'
the priorities should be aligned by the group that the item rose from

Lisa Trainor, HR for Franklin
question on the nature of the committees and the pre-interview process

narrow 30 down to 10, then down to 3
group review of the candidates for initial interview
done by consensus
there is a spreadsheet with a rubric built on the identified qualifications for the ideal candidate

the questions should outline what the scoring or answers were looked for

did not have a search committee not deliver a candidate

does not consider a search successful unless there is a renewal for the contract

one year notice for non-renewal
one search in 20 years did not renew, other than retires

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