Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"overhauled in an effort to make it more accessible for those on the go"

"The new town website will go live this week, with officials touting its mobile-friendly design and better organization of information. 
Deputy Town Administrator Jamie Hellen said the site is scheduled to go up on Thursday, Oct. 20, but it may be a few days before visitors see the changes. He said it typically takes one to two days for new pages to go live. 
Among the new features of the site will be email subscription offerings for additional items (like Town Council agendas, legal notices and public hearings) and a development page, aimed at providing information on available commercial properties."

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new mobile version of Town of  Franklin webpage
new mobile version of Town of  Franklin webpage

new mobile version of Town of  Franklin webpage - another page view
new mobile version of Town of  Franklin webpage - another page view

One of the drawbacks of the new site will be the links from here to the Franklin website will break. There is supposed to be a landing page for those who find a broken link with advice for what to do next. As most of the content did get copied over to the new site, a search of the new site should find it.

If what you look for you find here and don't successfully link to there, let me know. There are thousands of possible links to fix and I will do them upon request.

I had a habit of making my own copy of most documents to always provide a good link for readers. This was especially the case for something posted to the 'Franklin News" page which was cleaned out periodically (and broke all the links as soon as the cleaning took place).

While there are thousands of links that could break, I hope that you won't find too many. If you do, please comment on that posting or send me an email (shersteve @ gmail. dot com), and I'll find the doc and fix the link.

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