Saturday, October 22, 2016

Town Council moves plastic bags to EDC, moves rural business to 2nd reading

I missed the Town Council meeting on Thursday and will need to catch up with the Franklin TV replay when it is available. In the meantime, the actions taken as published gives a pretty good summary of what happened. We'll also need to wait for the minutes to be approved to find out the additional details in the conversations around each item.

For example, why did Councilor Pellegri vote against sending the ban on plastic bags to the Economic Development Committee? Rather than speculate, we'll await for the replay and or minutes, whichever is available first. She cast the only no vote when the measure passed 8-1. When the next Economic Development Committee meeting is is unknown. The newly renovated webpage currently shows no meetings for this group for the remainder of the year.

The Council did approve the resolution opposing Question 4 on the statewide ballot. The vote on this measure passed 9-0.

The Council moved all 6 of the bylaw changes to a second reading for the proposed rural business zone on Washington St.

The full set of action taken can be found in the PDF shown below:

The full set of documents released for the meeting can be found in the interactive PDF here

(Note the link will take you to the new Town of Franklin webpage)

Or use this link

downtown Franklin early on the morning of Oct 16
downtown Franklin early on the morning of Oct 16

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