Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Live reporting: MCAS and PARCC Results - Spring 2016

2. Guests/Presentations

b. PARCC / MCAS – Joyce Edwards

grades 3-8 took PARCC, computer based testing
science test taken by grades 5 and 8 via paper (only option)
see page 3 of the presentation for the full summary

district schools were held 'harmless' for taking PARCC
could gain, could not lose
Kennedy, Oak, and FHS won the Level 1 status
Oak was the 'new' school to gain this status 
Level 2 as a district as it is based upon the lowest school in the district

comparison yr to yr on PARCC as State level data is not yet available

looking for a target growth of 30-60%

students in subgroups still need work to get their results up to the aggregate of all the students

data analysis
looked at in any way possible, down to individual students as necessary
state does not yet provide item analysis for the PARCC results
used in conjunction with other assessment data

Copy of District Curriculum Accommodation Plan published separately

on the Science MCAS, gr 5 16% better than State average; gr 8 18% better than the State

looking ahead to MCAS 2.0 for the spring of 2017
to use PARCC like questions, all via computer 
one testing window, largely all of April and May
the district calendar will be finalized and shared with schools/parents in December
current 8th grade class of 2021 will be the first to take the high school competency determination when they get there

PARCC should be disappearing from lexicon, only needed for some reporting comparisons

Jewell - it was a good thing for us to have taken the PARCC questions
Edwards - Yes, it was a good move

did have a number of families opt of the PARCC testing last year, a small number, less than 1% of the district; did not impact the participation rate

at FHS, no MCAS, no diploma

Scofield - What were some of the reasons for the opt out
Edwards - Mostly family desire

for FHS drop out, usually only 2-3 students per year
the final state data should be ready in a couple of weeks

student health absences do usually still allow for re-testing during the testing window

possible future question for the Communications Subcommittee on the standard testing opt out reasons to get additional info

some philosophical objections were raised due to the nature of PARCC and whether that continues with MCAS 2.0 remains to be seen

good writing is about writing for your audience, short cuts in texting does not work well in testing

O'Malley - disgruntled with the State and their progress on tests

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