Sunday, December 18, 2016

Franklin Almanac arrives at Franklin TV

There’s a new program in town. In fact, it’s all about the town. At Franklin TV we’ve launched our very own news-magazine program, Franklin Almanac. Like an actual almanac of information, it’s a compendium– of life in Franklin, produced and hosted (and written and edited) by our TV journalist Polikseni Manxhari.
Franklin TV journalist Polikseni Manxhari
Franklin TV journalist Polikseni Manxhari

See Almanac this week on All-Access TV.  Almanac also has an introductory run weekdays at noon on our TownHall TV channel, Comcast11/Verizon29.

As TV news pioneer Edward R. Murrow opined, reporting the news on TV is like writing with a five hundred pound pencil. There’s a lot of preparation and location work that goes into producing even a single story. With our pilot program done and on the record, we are already ramping up for our second episode in mid-January. Our plan is for Almanac to be a regularly scheduled program in 2017 with new episodes every two weeks. Almanac will offer a review of key recent events as well as a look ahead to the upcoming, the new and the notable.

Franklin Almanac
Franklin Almanac

As we begin our new news endeavor, we want to give a nod of appreciation to Franklin’s volunteer Information Director, Steve Sherlock and his invaluable website Franklin Matters. In our pilot episode you’ll get to meet Steve as he sits down with Polikseni to offer his insights on citizen journalism, local news and information.

Okay, everyone– lift that pencil– on three.

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