Sunday, December 4, 2016

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - Dec 7, 2016

The agenda for the Town Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 2016. This was shared from the Town of Franklin website. The links in most cases go directly to the supporting documents. 

Agenda ItemSummary

A. Approval of MinutesA. November 16, 2016 Minutes
Town Council Announcements
Swearing in of Police Officers
Citizens are welcome to express their views for up to five minutes on a matter that is not on the Agenda. The Council will not engage in a dialogue or comment on a matter raised during Citizen Comments.  The Town Council will give remarks appropriate consideration and may ask the Town Administrator to review the matter.
E. APPOINTMENTS(No appointments listed)
Public Hearing - 7:10 pm
Public Hearing - 7:10 pm
Franklin Advisory Committee
I. SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS(made during the meeting)
1. Resolution 16-58: Request for Legislation
Exempting all positions in the Fire Department from Civil Service Law
2. Resolution 16-67: Classification Tax Allocation - Residential Factor
3. Resolution 16-68: Classification Tax Allocation - Open Space Exemption
4. Resolution 16-69: Classification Tax Allocation - Small Business Exemption
5. Resolution 16-70: Classification Tax Allocation - Residential Property Exemption
6. Resolution 16-71: 2017 Schedule of Town Council Meetings
7. Resolution 16-72: Legal Notices
8. Resolution 16-73: Acceptance of Grant of Utility (Drainage) Easement on Property at 9 Macintosh Street
9. Resolution 16-74: Declaration as surplus and available for Disposition (Ground Leasing) and Authorization Therefor of a Portion of Town-owned land off Forge Hill
10. Memo to Capital Budget Subcommittee
10.1 Resolution 16-76: Appropriation - Technology - Google Applications
11. Resolution 16-77: Appropriation - Turf Field Design and Development
12. Resolution 16-78: Appropriation - Technology - E Permitting
13. Resolution 16-79: Acceptance of Gift - Council on Aging
14. Bylaw Amendment 16-778: Chapter 160, Taxpayers, Delinquent - 1st Reading (Motion to Move Bylaw Amendment 16-778 to a 2nd Reading (majority))
K. TOWN ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT(made during the meeting)
L. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS(made during the meeting)
M. COUNCIL COMMENTS(made during the meeting)
N. EXECUTIVE SESSION(placeholder - may not be required)
O. Adjourn
meeting adjourns

Franklin's Town Common
Franklin's Town Common

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