Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Live Reporting: Franklin Advisory Committee

Franklin Advisory Committee

Larry Benedetto

looking to come up with a game plan for the Old South Meeting House
former location of the Franklin Historical Museum
looking to see if grant money for this preservation is available

Train station
looking to see what can be done to help fix up the Depot Station
There is some money for MBTA infrastructure work

Rep Jeff Roy
has been meeting with the T and Keolis particularly about the performance of the Franklin line
there have been improvements
Falmouth train station as an example; a local economic development org will take this one over and enhance it
looking for direction from the Council  to proceed
any given expenditure would trigger ADA compliance
which would include an elevator down to the platform, a costly venture
any of the repairs to the building other than painting would trigger ADA
to become a world class station, it would require high platforms along the entire Franklin Dean Station (similar to those in place at Forge Park)

Nutting: ADA trigger occurs when an improve is made to a building that exceeds 30% of the assessed value

Roy: the other item would adding a double track to the Franklin Line, it is needed from Dedham Corp to Franklin

Roy: The Greenbush line was developed in the right way, all high platforms, etc. That is the good example. Ridership is a factor. Franklin doesn't just serve us, there are folks from the surrounding areas coming into the our stations

Pellegri: would we be able to get an exemption?
Roy: no

Jones: we have had several discussions with the T over the past years. 

Roy: is this a property that you want to take over and run? Is this a parking lot that you want to take over an run?

Pfeffer: a 180 parking spots is not enough for the T, they need a garage downtown to help us and the commuters

(Note there is an operating coffee shop in the Franklin/Dean Station)

Kelly: I am ashamed of the station, it is a mess. I have met the T and Keolis down there, it is all lip service. I am all in favor of doing something with that. Frankly we could do a whole lot better than they could

Nutting: it is public land, they would go through an open process
What are the terms and conditions?

Kelly: I think we are all in favor of doing something  

Benedetto - the salt barn at the MassDOT land at 140/i495 that property rightfully should come back to the town of Franklin

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