Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Annual Report 2016: Franklin Advisory Committee

"The Committee met only three times in 2015 and most of our discussions and topics were related to ongoing issues and objectives begun in the preceding years. 

Updates and status reports, often from the Town Administrator, on a multitude of ongoing endeavors, such as: 
(1) the land swap with the Commonwealth at the recycle site; 
(2) improving maintenance and enhancing the appearance of the two train stations. There have been certain remedial repairs to walkways and parking lots, but little of significance since the building was painted and roofed two years ago; 
(3) South Franklin Congregational Church. Presently the building is secured and a decision how best to proceed and appropriate use remains with the Council. This historic property, along with the Ray Memorial library and Brick School are testament to the town's significant history and deserving of our attention and support; 
(4) The "Gateway" effort has materialized and we are witnessing new construction at the old town hall site with new roadway construction and removal of the temporary classrooms at Davis Thayer. Dean College continues to provide a positive image to the area with new buildings and landscaping. At the East end of town, an upscale housing development at the former Cook's Farm site along with land acquisition from the Country Club has dramatically enhanced the area so that entering from East or West projects a positive impression to our community;

Council actions that benefited the community in which we provided opinion or input, along with the work of the Town Administrator and staff, includes certain zoning and building issues, the Pond Street RFP and subsequent award for development, attempts to bring businesses into the downtown, supporting development of the former bowladrome and car dealership site on 140 as well as the former Thompson Press site, exploration of establishing a Neighborhood Commercial Development in South Franklin, and proposing the town move to acquire the land on 140/495, which currently houses a salt barn and storage site, and has significant potential and value to the community and was, at one time, acknowledged by the state as such. Obviously, the Council, Town Administrator and staff do the work and make the important decisions.

Our role is to create and/or add to the discussion, and to that end, I am obliged to the Committee and those members of the Council, staff and administration for their support and contribution; to the many municipal employees who are second to none; and the many volunteers and residents who help make our community a special place. 

Thank you all in behalf of the Committee. 

L.P. Benedetto, Chairman


  • Paul Cheli, Vice Chair
  • Judith Pond Pfeffer Vice Chair
  • Robert Ficco
  • Bruce Hunchard
  • Andrew Bissanti (2015)
  • Robert Avakian (2015)
  • Nancy Rappa (2015)

Associate Members:

  • Joseph Halligan
  • Paul Compton
  • Rick Circone
  • Deborah Pellegri (2015)"

view of the Cook's Farm development on Norfolk side of Franklin along RT 140
view of the Cook's Farm development on Norfolk side of Franklin along RT 140

Download and read the full Annual Report for the Town of Franklin FY 2016

Prior year annual reports can be found

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