Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fire fighters sworn in, communications improvements touted, Summer St development for 34 units turned down

The Town Council recap of the Jan 18, 2017 meeting has a few key takeways: 

1 - Three new fire fighters were sworn in: Becky Caroline, AJ Morris, Katherine Forest
Becky Caroline, AJ Morris, Katherine Forest
Chief McCarragher, Becky Caroline, AJ Morris, Katherine Forest

2 - The Finance Committee added a new member: David Wiech

3 - Deputy Town Administrator Jamie Hellen and Councilor Glen Jones presented on the series of accomplishments in improving the communications and information availability with more to come in 2017.

4 - The residents of Summer St came out in force again to speak against the proposed addition of 34 houses on an 11 acre property that could be developed with 7-8 under the current zoning. The vote to make the map change was 5-3 but was insufficient to pass the measure. 6 votes were required. The council vote was by roll call. 
  • Dellorco - No
  • Jones - No
  • Vallee - Yes
  • Pfeffer - Yes
  • Mercer - Yes
  • Padula - Yes
  • Pellegri - No
  • Kelly - yes

The video replay for the meeting is available on the Town of Franklin webpage

The Town Council "Actions Taken" document can be found here

Additional details can be found in the reporting I recorded live during the meeting:

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