Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Real Time Reporting: FHS Athletics update

Tuned into the School Committee late. Time enough to catch the update on FHS athletics by new athletic Director Tom Angelo.

2. Guests/Presentations
b. FHS Athletics Update – Tom Angelo

6 basketball teams: varsity, junior varsity and freshman each for boys and girls.

moving many items to online, including online ticket sales

big Twitter user (as you have seen as I have shared)

"Franklin is lucky to have 3 turf fields"

gym floor being re-done during the summer, there were issues with the original install this is being done by the builder at no cost to Franklin

Turf Fields being replaced as part of the Town facilities planning, they have been putting funds aside for several years in anticipation of the replacements.

will have need for additional coaches to help manage the proper numbers (athletes to coach ratio)

there are non-cut sports during most seasons



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