Saturday, January 28, 2017

"That’s impressive for humans who can’t yet tie their own shoes and still need to be reminded to share"

"I was only in the classroom for 45 minutes, but that was long enough to compel me to write a letter to the teacher once I left. 
I’ll be honest, I have zero qualifications as it relates to child education. My only qualification and reason for being in a kindergarten class that day is my oldest child is a kindergartner. He attends a public school and I was in his classroom as a parent volunteer. 
His teacher had asked parents to sign up to help during the daily Literacy Center portion of the morning. I was excited to go in, see my son in his classroom, and meet his classmates. When I arrived, the class was sitting on the floor, singing, and drawing the alphabet in the air with their fingers. Mrs. G gave me a quick rundown on how I was to help. She introduced me to the class and then quietly asked the children to go to their first center."

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While this article is published in the Washington Post, the writer could have been a mother visiting a Franklin kindergarten classroom. I recognize the concepts of the centers in the classroom. Having visited a kindergarten (although not yet this year), I also recognize the sentiments expressed by the writer/mother.  

By way of disclosure, my wife (Mrs Sherlock) is one of the three kindergarten teachers at Oak St Elementary. You can see some of what they do in the classroom when they share via their new Twitter account @OakStKinders

kindergarten writers working on their pattern books
kindergarten writers working on their pattern books

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