Monday, September 4, 2017

Bilello will not be running for re-election to Franklin School Committee

To repeat my comment from Facebook:  
"Vanessa, thank you! I have great respect for your choice, I wish you all the best!"

You can read her full posting on Facebook:

FY 2018 budget by major budget category
Franklin's FY 2018 budget by major budget category

Benefits $10,956,398 
Culture & Recreation $1,399,397 
Debt Service $6,609,708 
DPW - Hwy $4,669,497 
Education $62,586,202 
General Government $9,899,231 
Human Services $691,948 
Liability Insurance $525,000.0 
Public Safety $11,201,434 
Sewer $5,074,368.0 
Solid Waste Disposal $1,949,673.0 
Water $4,748,897.0 
Total $120,311,753

The FY 2018 budget document can be found here

FY 2018 budget resolution can be found here

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