Sunday, September 3, 2017

Who is going to be responsible for half the Franklin budget?

The 7 School Committee (SC) positions up for election this November have drawn the interest of only 5 candidates as of Aug 31. Only 3 of the current School Committee have taken out papers to run and while we are fortunate to get the interest of 2 new participants, it is hardly enough to fill the seats required, never mind provide a choice.

Given that the School Committee controls the budget for our children's education and that the school budget alone accounts for half of the overall Town budget, one would think we would have more interest in taking on this critical role. 

What are you going to do about this Franklin?

For the record, there are currently 14 candidates for the Town Council (9 positions). There are currently uncontested races for the Board of Assessors, Board of Health, and Planning Board positions that are also up for election on November 7. The full listing as of Aug 31 is provided below.

Note: a friendly reader sent along info that the candidate listing was updated during the day on Friday, Sep 1. Two additional candidates for the School Committee announced their intentions to run. Still not enough to provide a choice.

FY 2018 budget by major budget category
FY 2018 budget by major budget category
Benefits $10,956,398 
Culture & Recreation $1,399,397 
Debt Service $6,609,708 
DPW - Hwy $4,669,497 
Education $62,586,202 
General Government $9,899,231 
Human Services $691,948 
Liability Insurance $525,000.0 
Public Safety $11,201,434 
Sewer $5,074,368.0 
Solid Waste Disposal $1,949,673.0 
Water $4,748,897.0 
Total $120,311,753

The FY 2018 budget document can be found here

FY 2018 budget resolution can be found here

Actions Taken for Town Council 5/24/17 meeting - Budget hearing #1

Actions Taken for Town Council 5/25/17 meeting - Budget hearing #2

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