Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Live reporting: Discussion Only Items

6. Discussion Only Items
a. School Start Times

proposal to undertake a study of the matter, a complex matter

could spend next couple meetings to frame the committee
including appropriate stakeholders

this is not anything quick, it needs to take some time to work through it

Superintendent Ahern will come back with a more formal proposal and time lines for next meeting

Donna Grady, President of FEA
issue not new to Franklin, this could begin an other chapter in this
there is a good amount of info out there
the issue is not that simple, far reaching implications
day care, work schedules, transportation, busing and related items
before and after school care
needs to be heavily researched, not just for now but for future as well
some items are going to require negotiation with the teachers union

b. 18-19 School Calendar Draft

looking for feedback, for a potential vote at an upcoming meeting

relatively few changes to prior years as Superintendent is only here for five months

combined conferences across the district on two days in October is a change

input and feedback is welcomed

thinking about the number of interrupted weeks (where 5 days are not taught)

half day vs. full day provide different opportunities for professional development, a combination of both is a nice blend (full allowing cross district, half more building based)

c. School Committee Presentation Schedule 2017-18

an outcome from the School Committee and Central office planning session during the summer, the plan has been brought forward for feedback and input

d. Class Size Report

providing some additional detail around class size at the high school, i.e where there are areas of need to be consistent across the district. Most in middle school are meeting School Committee guidelines

class sizes at FHS tend to be larger, enrollment increases can be justification for adjustments

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