Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Live reporting: Snow-Ice presentation

H. Presentations/Discussions
H. Presentations/Discussions - Snow and Ice Presentation - Brutus Cantoreggi
assisted by Carlos Rebello

approx $30,000 to do the entire town, vs. $8,000 on the 5 truck route

$45/reimbursement for mailboxes, there is not a contest or lottery to hit boxes

some good contractors, can not get enough, it is not money, they just are not wanting to do plowing
the one man plow on the small pickup is okay, the heavier equipment is where the shortage is

we have $950,000 in the snow/ice budget his year, are using a five year average
which is also why we keep free cash in the spring to use where necessary

need to do a balancing act to keep the salt use a minimum and avoid the sand use

detail contract for the snow plow contractors, specifics and follow up

Cottage Court - Town no longer to plow, it took 19 months for a decision and no we need to maintain it with short notice; the trucks, fire trucks, trash trucks all use it, all we are asking for is to plow the Court; ten tax payer residents on Cottage Court

spot in front of Bamboo House apparently is not a public way and yet it is plowed

M Heard - 8 Cottage Court - we all bought our homes down there knowing the town would take care of the road

Set up a neighborhood meeting together some info and hear all sides

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