Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Capital Plan for FY 2018

The memo from Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator, to the Town Council outlining the current plan for the Capital Budget is captured and shared below:

"Please find the attached Capital Plan for FY18, as well as the five-year capital plan. 
The Capital Subcommittee voted to recommend the capital program as described below on January 31, 2018 by a unanimous 4-0 vote. The Finance Committee also recommend the Capital Program below by a unanimous 9-0 vote on January 30, 2018. 
Free cash was certified at almost $1 million less than last year (FY17). From the certified total, there are several major policy commitments that eat into the total right off the bat, most notably the OPEB contribution (per Council policy), the turf fields stabilization fund contribution, scheduled fire engine replacement stabilization fund contribution and annual snow and ice funds. These recommendations are Round 1 of the FY18 Capital program. Once we know the final totals of the winter costs for snow removal, if there are remaining funds, staff will propose a “Round 2” Capital later in the Spring."

snow and ice removal is a key item that drives the capital budgeting for Franklin
snow and ice removal is a key item that drives the capital budgeting for Franklin
You can also find the doc on the Town of Franklin webpage

You can find the Capital Plan for 2019-2022

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