Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Live Reporting: School Committee - May 22, 2018

Present: Feeley, Linden, Douglas, Scofield, Bergen, Schultz, Zub
Absent: none

1. Routine Business
a. Review of Agenda
b. Citizen’s Comments
i. In the spirit of open communication, “the School Committee will hear public comment not related to an agenda item at the beginning of each regular School Committee Meeting. The Committee will listen to, but not respond to any comment made. A Committee member may add an agenda item to a future meeting as a result of a citizen comment” – from Policy BEDH
c. FHS Student Representative Comments
none this evening, the seniors are complete with classes now

d. Superintendent’s Report
administrative searches underway
Remington, finalists completed site visits
anticipate announcement by end of week

Oak St, search continues
1st round but decided to re-post
site visits for 1st week of June

Davis Thayer just starting

Asst Superintedent
3 candidates are finalists from 8 interviewed
Richard Drolet, Jennifer O;Neill, Lucas Gigeure
site visits coming to allow meetings with a cross section of folks

thanks to Jeff, Jamie as well as Town Council
for Town Budget budget hearings
conversation and discussion on revolving funds, special education funds
mental and behavioral health needs
budget was approved last week

Seniors with internships, senior project presentations Weds evening
Awards night Thursday
Senior week events culminate in graduation on Fri June 1

Superintendent Conf
need for computer skills and awareness as it is becoming a requirement
technology and algorithmic thinking a requirement
coding session

student panel, including one of the organizers of the March in Boston
also one from Parkland FL
students using their voices to engage community and discussion on issues

2. Guests / Presentations
a. Retirees

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