Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Live Reporting: Discussion - Action Items

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Superintendent’s Evaluation
recommend your approval of the Superintendent’s composite evaluation for the 2017-2018 School year as discussed.

overall as 'proficient'

Feeley - would have modified the summary to include a recognition of the teamwork that she represents and always acknowledges

Linden - reads statement on evaluation, positive overall but differing in some of the details from the consensus report

motion to approve, seconded passed 6-1 (Linden no)

b. Appointment of Franklin TV Board Member
I recommend appointment of Rose Turco to the Franklin TV Board.

motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

c. Policy – 2nd Readings
I recommend adoption of the following policies as discussed:

  • KF-E2 – FHS Building Use
  • KF-E3 – Facility Rental Fee Schedule
  • KF-E4 – Facility Fee Schedule for FHS

motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

4. Discussion Only Items - none

5. Information Matters
a. School Committee Sub-Committee Reports 

presented to Town Council

Community Relations
recording session at Franklin TV soon to be broadcast

next coffee, June 13 at 6:30 PM

meeting Tuesday, May 29


Public Schools Advocacy
meeting JUne 9 at 1:00 PM
Senate budget debate began today, cautiously optimistic for increasing budget

Ad Hoc Superintendent’s Evaluation
disband for now

b. School Committee Liaison Reports 
Joint PCC 
looking at equity across the schools (via fund raising)

Substance Abuse Task Force 
will be meeting again next year

School Wellness Advisory Council [SWAC] 
finished up the meetings for this year
mental health, physical activity and nutrition had been set as two year goals

Denise applied for appointment to the MASC

Start Time 
- next meeting June 7
athletics related to the high school will be a challenge

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