Thursday, June 28, 2018

In the News: Charter School breaks ground; active shooter drill for Franklin Police

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"From the day the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School moved into the Archdiocese of Boston-owned St. Mary’s building on 201 Main St. in 1995, they did not expect to stay in that building forever.
“We are very tied to how many students we can have in that building,” said Heather Zolnowski, current head of school at BFCCPS. Zolnowski will be executive director of the school for the upcoming academic year. 
Wednesday’s groundbreaking ceremony at 500 Financial Park Drive signifies many years of hard work to expand the regional charter school in hopes that it can become a more flexible learning space that can accommodate more students."

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screen capture of Charter School webpage
screen capture of Charter School webpage

“Active shooter, Tri-County High School! White male, green jacket!” the voice boomed over the police radio on Wednesday morning. 
Adrenaline spiked. 
Franklin Police Officer Jack Flynn grabbed a rifle mounted between two seats, while I ran to the back of the cruiser and slipped on my body armor. We quickly advanced toward the building with weapons drawn, using the cruisers and a dumpster for cover. 
While one officer advanced, the other kept an eye out for the active shooter." 

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