Sunday, June 24, 2018

In the News: What are 'American cars'?; 4th of July celebrations mapped

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"The most American-made cars may not be made by the most American car brands. 
Four out of the top 10 most American-made vehicles of 2018 are made by Japanese brand Honda, according to the annual report from 
“It’s part of the globalization of automotive manufacturing,” Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder said in a phone interview. “The brand on the vehicle isn’t the only part of the equation of what makes it American.” 
The Honda Odyssey, for instance, is built in Lincoln, Ala., and is made with 75 percent domestic parts. Compare it with Buick, which is considered to be as American as the red, white and blue in its badge: the Buick Envision crossover is manufactured in China with only 2 percent domestic parts, said Wiesenfelder."
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"Fourth of July celebrations begin at the end of June and carry on through Wednesday, July 4, with parades, barbecues, fairs and fireworks. 
Here is a map of activities from the North Shore to the Cape, whether you plan to stay close to home for the holiday weekend or will spend the weekend at the beach. Zoom in to take a look at what is happening in your area and click on each icon to learn more about the event."

Franklin's 4th of July schedule can be found online

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