Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Live reporting: To Closing

K. Town Administrator's Report
K. Town Administrator's Report
Green Community ceremony Thursday, Jun 7 at 11

L. Future Agenda Items
L. Future Agenda Items

setting up agendas for departments and other boards
Conservation Commission possible for July 11

opioid discussion on next agenda

July meeting to cover the Dean College parking issues

M. Council Comments
M. Council Comments

Hamblen - volunteer at all night party, amazing to see what was done
Strawberry Stroll Friday

Anniversary of D-Day, lost 5,000 and Germans lost 7,000
shout out for all the vets

Memorial Day parade was well done, thanks to all

thanks to police for regulation adjustments

Museum wedding gowns on display
parachute wedding gown on display

3 generations of a family wedding gowns (Pellegri)

museum is looking for an archivist, library science background, cataloging

part-time posting coming, looking for structure and policy and guidance for the volunteers

looking forward to the 4th of July

FHS graduation, thanks to staff and administration one of the largest commencements ever

congrats to all the graduates, they had it down to a science
a really great showcase for our wonderful facility

thanks to our Chairman who did the work for organizing the Memorial Day parade

happy 90th birthday to Councilor Mercer's mother

thanks to the vets, for those who walked and those who couldn't
those numbers will drop after awhile

N. Executive Session
N. Executive Session - None
O. Adjourn
O. Adjourn

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 9-0

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