Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Live reporting: Information Matters

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. none

4. Discussion Only Items
a. none

5. Information Matters
a. Information Matters
School Committee Sub-Committee Reports 
(e.g. Budget;

Community Relations =looking at how to do something virtual, i.e. Twitter live chat or something

Policy - met on July 18, some policies underway, looking for additional input on social media 

Public Schools Advocacy; Ad Hoc Superintendent’s Evaluation

school committee handbook in process

b. School Committee Liaison Reports (e.g. Joint PCC; Substance Abuse Task
Force; School Wellness Advisory Council [SWAC];  all meeting in the fall

School Start Times Advisory Committee [SSTAC] 
connected with Mashpee on a survey they used and could be also adopted here

how to define a 'critical incident' in schools
everyone in school today was here post-Columbine

Summer workshop - Aug 7 at Dean

6. New Business
a. To discuss any future agenda items

school handbooks coming up next time, changes to be highlighted
they are published on the webpage all year

policy meeting on Aug 7, maybe some updates for 1st read

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