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MassDOT: (Updated Links) Comm. Ave Bridge Project Reminder: Shutdown: July 26 to August 11: Significant Impacts to Comm. Ave, I-90, and the MBTA

2018 Construction Shutdown: July 26 – August 11

Significant Impacts to Comm Ave, I-90, and the MBTA

This is a reminder that the 2018 Construction Shutdown for the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Replacement Project is beginning, Thursday, July 26, at 7:00 PM and will continue through 5:00 AM on Saturday, August 11. Please note the construction-related impacts below:

For Drivers:

I-90 (Mass Pike) Users:
        •       Lane reductions on I-90 between the Allston Interchange and the Beacon Street Overpass in
                Boston from 9:00 PM on July 27 to 5:00 AM on August 6:
                        o       Peak hours: reduced to two lanes in each direction
                        o       Off-peak hours and weekends:
                        o       Weekends of July 27-30 and August 3-6 (9:00 PM each Friday to 5:00 AM each  Monday)
                                        •       One eastbound and two westbound lanes open, or one westbound
                                                and two eastbound lanes open
                        o       Weekdays, July 30-31 (during eastbound shift): 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM
                                        •       One eastbound lane open and two westbound lanes open
                        o       Weekdays, August 2-3 (during westbound shift): 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM
                                        •       One westbound lane open and two eastbound lanes open
        •       Ramp closures on I-90 in Boston from 9:00 PM on July 27 to 5:00 AM on August 6:
                        o       The I-90 Eastbound on-ramp from Cambridge Street/Soldiers Field Road will be closed during this entire period.
                        o       The I-90 Westbound Exit 20 off-ramp to Brighton/Cambridge will be closed intermittently.
                        o       See the "I-90 (Mass Pike) Ramp Closures Detour" on the Traffic Management page
        •       I-90 will be fully restored to four lanes in each direction by 5:00 AM on August 6.

        Commonwealth Avenue Users:
        •       Commonwealth Avenue (between Packard's Corner and Kenmore Square) will be closed to vehicular through traffic (local access only) from 7:00 PM on July 26 to 5:00 AM on August 11. Access will be maintained for businesses and abutting properties.
        •       See the "Commonwealth Avenue Closure Detour" on the Traffic Management page

                Boston University (BU) Bridge Users:
        •       The BU Bridge will be closed to vehicular and bus traffic from 7:00 PM on July 26 to 5:00 AM on August 11.
        •       See the "Boston University (BU) Bridge Closure Detour" on the Traffic Management page

For Pedestrians and Bicyclists:

Pedestrians and bicyclists will have full access across the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge on the eastbound side throughout construction. There will be additional Blue Bikes stations on Commonwealth Avenue during the shutdown (see below).
        •       The Pedestrian Routes and Detours map shows the minor pedestrian detour that will be in place to keep pedestrians safely away from the work zone:
        •       The Bicycle Routes and Detours map shows the bicycle routes that will be in place. Bicyclists heading north and south between Mountfort/Essex Street and the BU Bridge will follow a minor detour route:
        •       See the Walk and Bike Times Map:

For MBTA Green B Line Users:

The Green B Line will be replaced with shuttle buses between Babcock Street and Blandford Street Stations from 5:00 AM on July 27 to 5:00 AM on August 11. See the MBTA project website for additional information:

For MBTA CT2 and 47 Bus Users:

MBTA Bus Routes CT2 and 47 will be detoured from the normal routes from 7:00 PM on July 26 to 5:00 AM on August 11. The Route 57 Bus will operate its normal route.
        •       See the Route 47 detour map:
        •       See the Route CT2 detour map:
        •       See the MBTA project website for additional information:

For MBTA Commuter Rail Framingham/Worcester Line Users:

During the weekends of July 28-29 and August 4-5, there will be no train service between Framingham and South Station.
        •       Free bus shuttles will replace train service between Framingham and Wellesley Farms. After Wellesley Farms, the shuttle bus will then continue nonstop to Riverside, where riders can connect to the Green D Line.
        •       In addition to the local shuttles, express shuttle service will be available between
                Framingham and Riverside.
        •       See for more information and view a detailed shuttle schedule.
        •       Service will be maintained during weekdays.

For Amtrak Lakeshore Limited Line Users: Amtrak's Lakeshore Limited Line/Chicago will be replaced by shuttle buses between South Station and Albany, NY with stops in Springfield and Worcester for the weekends of July 28-29 and August 4-5.

MassDOT Encourages Active Transportation

There will be pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding signage at all Green Line shuttle bus stops on Commonwealth Avenue to encourage active transportation, especially for short trips. This will help optimize shuttle bus operations by shortening bus wait times and headways.

Additional Blue Bikes Service
MassDOT is partnering with the City of Boston to provide an additional temporary Blue Bikes station at Silber Way on Commonwealth Ave during the construction period.

Other nearby stations include:
·         Kenmore Square
·         BU Central - 725 Commonwealth Ave
·         Commonwealth Ave at Amory St
·         Commonwealth Ave at Babcock Street
·         Packard's Corner - Commonwealth Ave at Brighton Ave
·         Lower Cambridgeport at Magazine St
·         Longwood and Binney

Valet service will be provided as follows:
·         Commonwealth Ave at Babcock St - 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM
·         Longwood and Binney - 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM
·         Silber Way – 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Get Ready to Ride
Download the Blue Bikes app on the App Store or Google Play to find a station near you. For a limited time, Blue Bikes is dropping their Single Trip Pass to  from July 26 - August 11,
available in the Blue Bikes app. For more information, visit

Please see the project website,, for more information.

Please share this advisory with anyone you think may be interested in the project, and encourage them to sign up for email alerts for traffic updates and meeting announcements:

For any questions or comments, please contact Jim Kersten, Deputy Chief of Staff,
MassDOT Highway Division, at 857-368-9041 or by email at

Commonwealth Ave Bridge Replacement Project Team

Thank you,
EZDriveMA Customer Service Center.

Comm Ave Bridge Project Update: I-90 Lane Reductions  and Ramp Closures begin July 27
Comm Ave Bridge Project Update: I-90 Lane Reductions
and Ramp Closures begin July 27

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