Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Live reporting: Consent Agenda to Closing - Executive Session

7. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes
I recommend approval of the minutes from your August 28, 2018 School Committee Meeting.
b. School Improvement Plans
I recommend adoption of the following School Improvement Plans as presented:

  • Annie Sullivan Middle School
  • Horace Mann Middle School
  • Remington Middle School
  • Franklin High School

c. Parmenter Gifts
I recommend acceptance of six checks totaling $3,123.15 from Parmenter PCC as detailed:

  • $390.15 Supplemental Supplies
  • $150.00 Field Trip (Buses Gr. 2)
  • $650.00 Field Trip (Kindergarten)
  • $100.00 Field Trip (Bus Gr. 5)
  • $933.00 Field Trip (2017-18)
  • $900.00 Field Trip (Bus Gr. 3)
motion to accept consent agenda as shown, seconded, passed 70-0

8. Payment of Bills Dr. Bergen
in order

9. Payroll Mrs. Douglas
in order

10. Correspondence 
– Budget to Actual – Miriam Goodman, School Business Administrator

11. Executive Session
Strategy with respect to collective bargaining.

motion to adjourn to discuss strategy with respect to elective bargaining
passed 7-0

The PDF version of this agenda can be found online

The documents released for this agenda can be found online (when released)

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