Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Live reporting: Middle-High School Improvement Plans

2. Guests / Presentations
a. Middle School and High School’s School Improvement Plans
Dupre, Witcoff, Motti

presentation links to be added later
(no docs released as of meeting time)

1st page to talk to for the presentation tonight
1st page to talk to for the presentation tonight
2nd page of presentation for Middle Schools
2nd page of presentation for Middle Schools
3rd page of Middle School pres
3rd page of Middle School pres
4th page focusing on communications
4th page focusing on communications
question on the "World of Difference" program
built upon work from last year, peer leader lead, they facilitate discussions

question on responsive classroom, started at elementary levels and only recently has been expanded to middle school grades; principle aligned with social emotional learning

a lot of personalized strategies, emphasizes collaborative work among students
there is a lot of teacher buyin for this program

Illustrative Math (?) the program does allow for accelerated piece for students as they need

Peri, Klement for high shcool

also slides to be added when available (later)

not meant to be an eye test
not meant to be an eye test
A World of Difference program being added to high school this year
parents invited for age/grade specific evening programs

it is exciting to see the level of engagement and activity around the Algebra I and II classrooms, yes, really

"Portrait of a Graduate"to be brought into the high school this year, adds to what has already been done

series of 10 talks - being spearheaded by Asst Principal C Williams; first last week, remainder scheduled through the year

year two examining the grading practices
exciting work underway

examining the art and science of teaching
expanding new teacher academy; support provided through out the year
mentor and mentee program

cultural proficiency, town changing, school changing, how to meet the needs

engaging and supporting two way communications
really good start to the professional development for the year; Say Yes Institute

using the school council meeting to bring in other stakeholders
get communication out on time

social media platforms used, Twitter esp

when do the teachers do this?
excitement and buyin helps, the whole teacher matters to us here
we are working hard to listen to what is on our teachers minds

all the things the teachers do it is way beyond the school day, you are part of it too
self care is not just a buzzword, it does matter, we see it
we have a concern about how to do it

The PDF version of this agenda can be found online

The documents released for this agenda can be found online (when released)

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