Wednesday, November 7, 2018

In the News:Voters reject Question 1, approve Question 2 and Question 3

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"Three democratic women were re-elected to office: Maura Healey, Suzanne Bump and Deborah Goldberg. 
Massachusetts went solidly for incumbents at the top of Tuesday’s ballot, and it wasn’t just the landslide for Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito and Sen. Elizabeth Warren."

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Ballot Question 1

"Voters in Massachusetts have rejected a ballot question that would have set patient-to-nurse ratio limits in Bay State medical facilities, according to the Massachusetts Nurses Association. 
“I’m very disappointed by tonight’s results and the impact that this will have on our patients,” said Donna Kelly–Williams, of the Massachusetts Nurses Association, as reported by our media partner, WCVB-TV. 
The ballot question would have established nurse-to-patient ratios in various hospital units and set penalties for hospitals that failed to comply."

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Ballot Question 2

"Massachusetts voters have approved a ballot question stemming from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on corporate political spending. 
The measure calls for creation of a 15-member commission that would be charged with advancing a constitutional amendment that would reverse the 2010 Citizens United decision. The ruling prohibits the government from limiting political spending by corporations, unions and other groups. 
Critics say the ruling has paved the way for corporations and wealthy special interests to spend freely and exert undue influence on political campaigns."

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Ballot Question 3

"Massachusetts voters resoundingly reaffirmed the rights of transgender people Tuesday, voting by a 2-1 ratio to uphold the 2016 state law that bars discrimination against them in such public places as restaurants, bars, and athletic facilities. 
With 69 percent of ballots tallied, the “Yes on 3” side, which favored preserving the nondiscrimination law, was leading 68 percent to 32 percent. 
Transgender activists, volunteers, and family members who gathered for an election night watch party at the Fairmont Copley Plaza roared at the news of victory just before 10 p.m., waving a flag representing transgender rights and chanting “Yes on 3!”

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Election Information for Nov 2018
Election Information for Nov 2018

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