Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Town Council meeting - Summary Nov 14, 2018

The Town Council reorganized itself with the selection of a new Chairman - Tom Mercer; vice-chair, Matt Kelly and Clerk, Glenn Jones.

Dale Lippert, 8 Beth Road, spoke during citizens comments about drain problems in and around his property that he claims the Town is at least partially responsible for.

Two appointments were made to the Design Review Commission

The parking problems in the arena along the East-West-Nason-Church streets area were reviewed. Franklin Police provided the results of their survey. Some improvements (i.e reduction in parking) was observed and some could be attributed to towing one car with 6 outstanding tickets. Some of the residents are still not happy. Dean College can do more to help as they at least appear to be contributing to the problem. Town administration to set up a meeting to review the matter with Dean. Multiple residents spoke during this segment of the meeting.

Legislation for action recorded unanimous votes, even when roll call was required. The Actions Taken document has not yet been published but the details on the votes can be found in my notes linked below.

Actions Taken (updated 11/21/18)

Franklin TV has made the video replay available

The agenda and documents for the meeting can be found

Turn on terrain view to understand the problem for 8 Beth Road

demolition of the buildings of the former Thompson Press (Oct 2018)
demolition of the buildings of the former Thompson Press (Oct 2018)

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