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Chris Herren to speak in Medway - Dec 11

Via the SAFE Coalition:

"Medway area parents and guardians are invited to hear former Celtics player Chris Herren of Fall River, who will share his inspirational - and painful - journey back from addiction to alcohol and drugs in the hopes of preventing others from making the same mistakes.

Back by popular demand, Herren's parent program has proven to be inspiring and powerful to Medway area parents and guardians. His tale of descent into addiction and a miraculous recovery is as powerful as his new life's mission: to share his story with audiences in the hopes of reaching at least one person and making a difference in their life.

At Medway High during school hours, students will watch a moving video chronicling the pro athlete's rise to fame and subsequent fall to substance abuse, and participate in an engaging talkback with Herren to share their views. This evening program is geared toward parents to explore the same topic. One objective of Mr. Herren's presentation is to have students not to begin using substances and how easily substance use can escalate. In this parent talk, he inspires while presenting the negative impact of drug and alcohol use, the reality of addiction, and how some students engage in self-injurious behaviors.

Parents will also be moved by this discussion on what we can do to help our teens be true to themselves and resist the need to turn to dangerous and destructive behaviors, and ways to support those who may be facing personal challenges.

The negative effects that drug and alcohol use can have on an individual and their loved ones is an important responsibility that we share with our families and the community. Please attend this free event and help spread the word.

For more information or resources, visit or see your child’s guidance counselor.

To reserve a seat, visit

This event is a collaborative effort funded by the Medway Foundation for Education, Medway Secondary PTO and Medway THRIVE"

Chris Herren tells the story behind August 1, 2008
Chris Herren tells the story behind August 1, 2008
when he spoke at FHS in Feb 2016

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