Sunday, December 2, 2018

School Committee - recap (sort of) - Nov 27, 2018

The video replay of this meeting has been posted by Franklin TV and is available on demand

As noted earlier, I decided to keep my fight with a cold (coughing and sniffles) to myself on Tuesday evening. So rather than attending the School Committee meeting in person, I was going to use the remote broadcast stream from Franklin TV. Alas, that was not to be. The stream was not functioning. 

When I tried to use the cable station, audio was not available. The audio did manage to get restored sometime along after I tweeted to alert folks of the problem. I had already lost context with the meeting and determined to wait for the broadcast replay to be made available by Franklin TV.

In the meantime, the MCAS presentation document shared during the meeting is available for your review here.

The Superintendent's Report is posted here to be shared. You can also get a copy from the Town of Franklin page

The full agenda and documents for this meeting can be found at the Town of Franklin page

new sign at Parmenter School
new sign at Parmenter School

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