Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Live Reporting: Technology Dept

a. Technology Department

Tim Raposa

a. Capital Budget Subcommittee 
meeting scheduled for Jan 9, 16

b. Budget Subcommittee 
dates coming for next meeting

c. Economic Development Subcommittee
nothing at this time

Live Reporting: Technology Dept
Live Reporting: Technology Dept

Additional photos of the presentation deck can be found online

approx 3,000 Chromebooks for 5,300 students
High school and middle school primary users 1:1

network built for redundancy, three providers can roll over from one to another

network is important and growing more so
lights are coming to the work, some day

servers provide authentication for access, and control software deployments

most organizations have a mix of cloud and local services, a cost factor

no administrative rights for software installs, need to open a ticket to do so

when using a school account still protected no matter where they are, home or school

offsite locations replicate between FHS and Municipal building

internal testing (phishing simulations) via KnowBe4

Chromebook repair big item
all printers are outsourced, a big savings

involved in meetings with every department as technology is everywhere

clickers do get extra training for having 'clicked'

follow up questions 
on the risk assessment from last meeting, and steps being taken to address
on the phish training being done

have we been hacked, no
isolated units have been targeted and the antivirus software stopped the instance from spreading

insurance coverage in pilot this year, may be a cost for it next year, should be a relatively small amount in the grand scheme of things

are we protected? we are as well as can be

students have Chromebooks, internal security, and are enabled only for email within the system (exception set up for outside contacts)

moving servers to virtual servers
Chromebooks 1:1 ate middle school and high school
middle school student systems remain in the school (saves on repairs)

ongoing challenges
  • top concern - security
  • balancing act of security and providing functionality
  • staff retention of tech staff
  • sustainability of technology infrastructure (need to plan for replacement of devices) (currently not funded and needs to be)
is there a new model for the Chromebook replacements?
only since 2014 (when high school opened)

BYOD could be used but for state testing requires Chromebooks so total BYOD is not practical

comparison of Chromebook vs. the old printed book versions is also compelling

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