Saturday, April 6, 2019

"Franklin resident Chris Lim will complete a rare marathon feat"

In just a couple of weeks, Franklin resident Christian (Chris) Lim will complete a rare marathon feat when he finishes the London Marathon. He will have completed all 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors and receive the Six Star Medal. Only 4,989 people in the world have earned this medal so far.

His journey began in 2015 when he decided to run the Boston Marathon with charity – the Dana Farber / Jimmy Fund. After his father’s passing, Chris decided to complete the rest of the world majors.

The Abbott World Marathon Majors consist of the following 6 marathons, in order of the races throughout the year: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. Each world major has three groups of entrants: time qualifier, random ballot, or charity. Each race has a time qualifier that is very fast – under 3 hours 20 minutes in each case. Chris has battled a number of injuries and does not run that fast.

Chris had phenomenal luck and got into 2017 Chicago, 2018 Berlin and 2018 New York all on the random ballot drawing. He ran for Ronald McDonald House Charity in 2019 Tokyo and is running for Children with Cancer UK for 2019 London. He has raised almost $20,000 across those three charities with his running. In addition, he has set a new personal best with each marathon. For those who know about marathons, that is 4 world major marathons in just 8 months. His current best time is 3:53:16, which he set on March 3, 2019 in Tokyo.

Chris had been competing locally in triathlons but injured his shoulder. While recovering, he found he could run longer and longer distances and wanted to challenge himself. He enjoys running in the big cities and seeing the sights with the huge crowd support at each of these marathons.

He continues to cheer on his Dana Farber teammates each year since he ran Boston. He runs training runs with them and helps support for those running Boston on race day.

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"Franklin resident Chris Lim will complete a rare marathon feat"
"Franklin resident Chris Lim will complete a rare marathon feat"

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