Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In the News: Supermarket group backs plastic bag ban

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"A group representing supermarkets and other food stores offered its conditional support Tuesday to a bill that if approved would make Massachusetts the latest U.S. state to outlaw single-use plastic shopping bags viewed by environmentalists as a major source of pollution and a grave threat to marine wildlife. 
The proposal would prohibit retailers from providing customers with single-use carryout bags at the point of purchase. Stores would be required to make recyclable paper bags available to customers for a charge of 10 cents, and food stores would have the option of making reusable grocery bags available for 10 cents or more. 
Nearly 100 cities and towns, including Boston, already have local plastic bag ordinances in place, though the specifics of those bans vary among communities. 
In testimony prepared for the Legislature’s Natural Resources, Environment and Agriculture Committee, the Massachusetts Food Association said it could support a statewide ban on plastic bags to replace the patchwork of local rules and create an “even playing field” for supermarkets and grocery stores."

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FHS students discussing the proposal with the EDC Nov 30, 2016
FHS students discussing the proposal with the EDC Nov 30, 2016

From the archives

A petition online had been created in May 2016

FHS students brought their plastic bag proposal to the Town Council in Sep 2016

After the Town Council presentation in September, the Economic Development Committee picked up the matter for their meeting Nov 30, 2016 (audio file of the meeting available)

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