Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In the News: MBTA looking for better service metric; Finding a baseball team to fill McCoy Stadium

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

MBTA looking for better service metric
"MBTA officials plan to develop a new way to measure service reliability on public transit, saying the metric they have used since 2016 does not fully account for certain types of delays that riders experience. 
The current on-time performance rates track how many passengers waited an amount of time equal to or less than what the MBTA sets as the expected headway between trains. However, MBTA General Manager Jeff Gonneville said that figure fails to cover delays once passengers are already on board and additional wait time if a train is too full to accept new riders. 
“If the trip time is delayed like the Red Line was (Monday) morning, some customers, their initial wait was less than the head time, but they sat on the train,” Gonneville said at a Monday meeting of the Fiscal and Management Control Board. “So we need a second on-time performance metric to capture when people’s trips are running longer than we want them to.”

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"Finding a baseball team to fill the ballpark"
"Wanted: Professional sports team (or teams) to fill beloved old stadium and bring joy back to down-on-its luck Pawtucket. 
Baseball, soccer, lacrosse — city and state officials are open to all types of athletic competition, as well as music concerts, as their search for new tenants to fill McCoy Stadium and replace the Pawtucket Red Sox begins in earnest. 
On behalf of the city, the state Commerce Corporation on Tuesday morning went out to bid for “individuals, firms and/or organizations who are interested in using, redeveloping and operating McCoy Stadium.”

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What is next for McCoy Stadium?
What is next for McCoy Stadium?

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