Tuesday, April 9, 2019

“I welcome this feedback as it can only make our consideration of the topic richer and fuller"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"Debate about school start times is heating up following the School Start Times Advisory Committee’s recent release of recommendations to alter the time school begins for the town’s elementary, middle and high schools. 
Since that panel shared its findings at the end of March, a Facebook group opposing the suggested changes has emerged, growing to 730 members as of Monday and kicking off an online petition that, also as of Monday, had 1,041 digital signatures. 
Meanwhile, Superintendent Sara Ahern is suggesting that the school board authorize her to move the study of the issue to a second phase with further analysis, followed by a vote at a later time to be determined. 
“This second phase would build off of the work of the advisory committee by continuing to iterate the proposal as greater clarity is gained,” Ahern wrote in an April 4 letter to the School Committee.":
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Superintendent Ahern's Letter

The School Committee agenda for April 9

The School Start Times Summary

The School Start Times Presentation (audio)

The School Start Times Presentation (audio)
The School Start Times Presentation (audio)

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