Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Live reporting: Elementary School Improvement Plans - school year 2019-2020

2. Guests / Presentations a. ECDC and Elementary Schools – School Improvement Plans
Kelty Kelly, early childhood education 
SEL committee rebooting implementation plans for 'cozy corner' or 'green zones'
added physical development aspects to revision on their report card
what the children should be doing and where they are at the moment

develop a playgroup for parents of children with early intervention (EI) transition process (covered by Federal law for the families in the home through age 3, then covered by schools)

using community garden to help infuse science into the classroom
developing an FEF grant proposal for children with mobility issues
team committed to work developing use of large touch screens effectively in the classroom

2nd year with school council
working on core values, survey to last year and this year, as well as staff

exploring a relationship with Dean College on a new bachelor program in early education

clarification on EI (expanded above)

what is digital literacy for preschool students? that is what they want to explore, use of short video clips integrated into the classwork and enrichment of the material

"all children can"
all the ECDC teachers are special educators

(photo of principals to be added later)
(group presentation document not available tonight, to be shared when available later)

new homework guidelines
professional development opportunities (understanding by design or UbD)

reviewing current special ed practices to ensure meeting needs of students
implement a continuum of enrichment and interventions

2-way communication to further enhance engagement with the schools community and community in general
create clear focus areas for school councils

clarification homework policy, not a change, just spreading the word

passion project tapping into the students interest with a formal structure

are the schools working independently how is the sharing working?
some schools at different stages but the goal is to develop and share across
want to ensure the lessons are complete and vetted before sharing across

are you keeping baseline data on interventions to see what works 

The documents released for this meeting can be found on the School District page
https://www.franklinps.net/district/meeting-packets/pages/september-24-2019-school-committee-packet  Additional documents will be added to this page post meeting (generally during the business day after the meeting)


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