Saturday, September 28, 2019

School Committee Meeting Recap: Start times put on 'pause'; elementary school improvement plans approved

The School Committee meeting held Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019 revealed some interesting news. 

The early release of MCAS data shows that the JF Kennedy Elementary School and the Davis Thayer Elementary School were recognized by the State DESE for their results. As the full set of MCAS data is understood, there will be an update to the community later this fall.

The ECDC and elementary school improvement plans for the 2019-2020 school years were presented and approved. Copies of the presentation documents are included here. Links to the individual improvement plans are available.

The school start time update provided the greatest shock (or disappointment) to some but it was a rather practical move. The effort to study changing school starts times has been 'paused.' Given the effort required with the upcoming budget cycle (and a significant budget shortage to be dealt with - likely raising the infamous 'o' word) along with the study to start on the potential closure of Davis Thayer (which would also require a redistricting of the entire school population - a major effort), and the need to actually continue the day to day operation of education the current school population, it was a wise move.

The presentation copy for the school update is shared below. 

  • The Superintendent's Report

Additional details captured live during the meeting can be found in my notes
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elementary school principals presenting their School Improvement Plans
elementary school principals presenting their School Improvement Plans

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