Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Live reporting: Town Administrator's Report through to Closing

11. TOWN ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORTa. Town Council Bi-annual Goals Update
14. EXECUTIVE SESSION- None Scheduled

Only a few meetings left before election
Always really cool to look back at the goals accomplished
20 months of work

EEE - phones are ringing off the hook
Spilka and Roy have sent updates
Homepage has updates, only a "moderate" risk level
No mosquitoes found in town boundaries hence moderate
State Dept of Public Health tells us, we can be safe for now
Are taking proactive measures, no substitute for common sense
Wear repellent, drain standing water, long clothing
Norfolk County Regional County
Spray scheduled for Beaver St Sep 9

Future items
Nothing around

Council comments
Hamblen Oct 1 Chapt 61 application deadline
Farmers market zucchini race

Casey all set

Damon's -  Water likely coming off at end of month assuming parts ordered arrive as scheduled

Sign boards for election alerts

Pellegri seats still open, or call clerks office
Best wishes for Councilor Casey

Kelly wishes to bissanti happy birthday

Mercer married 52 years, two words to remember, yes dear

Motion to adjourn

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