Sunday, September 1, 2019

25 total candidates; School Committee has only 5 candidates for 7 positions for the Franklin Biennial Election

The candidate listing has grown slightly this week. There are candidates equal to the number of positions for Constables, Planning Board, and Town Clerk. The Town Council currently has 11 candidates for nine positions (an increase of one this week) and the other boards/committees are currently short of candidates. 

Critical issue: The School Committee has only 5 candidates for 7 positions. Two are new which is good but we simply need more candidates. The school budget accounts for more than half the overall Town budget and the role has oversight for the education of our youth (and future).

Let's go Franklin. 

There should be more candidates to allow for some competition and choice. The last day to take out papers is Friday, Sep 13. The last day to return papers is Tuesday, Sep 17.

The listing of the 25 candidates who have taken out papers to run for the open positions on the Franklin Biennial Election is provided via Town Clerk, Teresa Burr. 8 of the candidates have had their papers certified to confirm their ballot entry. (Yes, for those tracking along, one candidate previously listed as having papers returned and certified is not checked in these categories this week. Was that an error previously reported and finally caught? Or a mistake this time? We'll find out on Tuesday.) (updated 9/1/19 with "8" and the updated/correct file)

The listing will be updated weekly to provide the 'scorecard' of who's taken papers, who's turned them in, etc.

Download your copy from here

Find more information on the Franklin Election Nov 5, 2019 in the "election collection"

Franklin Election Collection - 2019
All precincts vote on Nov 5, 2019 in one location, Franklin High School

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