Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Live reporting: Town Administrator's report to Closing of meeting

condolences to JP's family

article on Boston Globe
will not be making too many public statements upon advice of our attorney
water quality in particular, heavily regulated by EPA and DEP
will be following through with any remediation required
we follow regulations, we have excellent water quality
the report is posted annually and mailed 

the water supply is safe tested for PFAS study last fall
new water treatment plant contract is being designed to accommodate
have results, will publish at the right time

there are no PFAS in our water supply
our staff does an amazing job on our water supply
we test all the time, as mandated
there is no State or Federal requirement to test for PFAS
we had been ahead of it

once we get an item from DEP
we'll respond at that time

Tues Oct 22, visioning exercise for Franklin
funded by a grant

Beaver St will be closed at the Railroad tracks will be marked and detours posted


recognition of Casey on his 1st term and not returning next term

recognition of Padula for his 3 terms of service on the Town Council

Hamblen - wishing parents a happy 69th anniversary
thank the Franklin community for serving

Dellorco - thanks for the explanation on the water
thanks to Casey and Padula for your service
thanks for letting me serve, and hopefully all be back

Earls - thanks to Chris White for his work at the recycling
thanks to Casey and Padula for your service
thanks for helping me, hopefully we'll be back

Pellegri - my condolences to the JP family, he will be missed
it has been a pleasure to serve on this committee
I hope that we'll have a chance to work together again

Padula - what a great group of people to work with
they care, they work hard, it is a really good group
one of the things I've learned is that our administration is second to none
it has been my privilege to represent the people for the last six years

Jones - thanks for all the years you put into this job (Padula), one of the most articulate and well spoken people I have met, I hope we get you back in some capacity
To Councilor Casey, thanks for stepping up and tackling this position
reminder, an election coming Nov 5, get out to vote

Kelly - thanks for the explanation on the turf, where did it go? we can't talk too much about it, but would like to know
Harvest Festival, record numbers, it was amazing
Casey congratulations on wedding and future
Padula happy birthday, yesterday, he had my back when I wanted to be Chair
wish all my fellow councilors the best of luck
the reality of it is that is our job, we are representing all the people
we are making sure folks get the best for the buck

Mercer - condolences to JP's family
Harvest Festival, tremendous success, thanks to the Downtown Partnership and all involved in getting it together, couldn't have been better weather, it felt great to see so many enjoying what we have worked to put in, like closing off downtown so we could enjoy it

Casey, thanks, I agree with Kelly on your best dressed award
Padula, really appreciated your professionalism
wish all you luck in the coming election, hopefully we'll be back to take the steps for Franklin's future

- None Scheduled

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 9-0

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