Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Katie Holbrook = new Softball Coach at FHS

via we hear that Franklin has announced Katie Holbrook as the new Softball Coach at FHS.
Franklin High athletic director Tom Angelo announced last week that Katie Holbrook had been hired to fill the softball coaching vacancy created by Kate Fallon’s move to rival King Philip. Holbrook is the owner of Brand New Ballgame, a baseball and softball training facility in Wrentham, and has coached club and showcase softball teams for more than a decade.

Holbrook was familiar with the Franklin program, community, and players from her role at Brand New Ballgame, and was excited about making the Panthers her first high school coaching role.

“Between them coming in for team practices or working in private practice or clinics with some of the kids, I’ve gotten a chance to really know them over the last six or seven years,” Holbrook said in a phone call this week. “I had a tie to Franklin and when Kate moved over I thought it’s a good, strong program, there’s a desire for strong leadership and I have a good tie to the community. It was the right place.”

She also noted that the familiarity with the players could make the transition easier. She said, “They know who I am at least by reputation, so I think that’s helpful. They know I care about Franklin, that I know about softball, and that I do this day-in, day-out. So, I think the buy-in period may be a little shorter for me than maybe someone else who was new to things.”
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Katie Holbrook = new Softball Coach at FHS
Katie Holbrook = new Softball Coach at FHS

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